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My name is Jenny… and I’m a sale shopaholic. There is nothing that gets me more excited than stumbling upon a really, really good sale. I very rarely pay full price for anything and fully believe you don’t need to skimp on style and quality in order to save money. I’m a wife to Kurt and mom of two adorable little kids, Carter (4 years old) and Mackenzie (2 years old). I also have an 9 year old Siberian Husky named Rio, so I am drawn to fabrics that don’t serve as glorified lint traps. Since we all like to save money (who doesn’t???), I started this blog in order to share my sale shopping ways with the world.


My Family’s Style…

My favorite stores and brands include everything from Nordstrom, lululemon, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Kendra Scott, J Crew, Gap, and Old Navy. I love shoes and accessories, and it isn’t unusual to see me wearing a $5 t-shirt with $200 sandals (all of which I got on sale). When it comes to fashion, there is nothing I love more than bold colors and patterns. I love to dress my kids in mini versions of adult style clothing, but they also can rock a good Superman t-shirt or a tutu. And while my husband technically dresses himself, I buy a lot of his clothes from places like J Crew, Brooks Brothers, Bonobos, Banana Republic and Nordstrom. I also love shopping for others and finding that perfect gift.


Where I came from…

I grew up in Ohio and now live in the great state of Arizona. While I don’t get a lot of use out of cold weather closet staples anymore, I have 30 years of experience understanding the importance of a good scarf and gloves in January. After graduating from college, I spent twelve years working for a Big 4 accounting firm as an IT consultant. I now spend my days at home with my two amazing kiddos, trying to keep my head on straight.


My favorites…

My favorite things to do are hike and exercise (I’m an avid Stroller Strider with Fit4Mom), eat out (don’t put me in a kitchen and expect results), travel, spend time with my friends and family, and naturally, shop. Guilty pleasures include cheese and crackers, diet coke, pinot grigio and bad reality tv (I think it is good but my husband disagrees).


My writing history…

I started blogging back in 2012 with a simple baby blog, mainly to keep my friends and family across the country updated on the happenings of my kiddo’s development. After several years of focusing my time on  first steps, adventures in sneaking vegetables and holiday celebrations, I realized that writing my little family yearbook had turned into a passion. I loved having my own little place on the internet to say my piece and connect with others. After a little self reflection on my skills, The Sensible Shopaholic was born. And yes, I consider my bargain hunting an acquired skill with years of experience. I’m also a regular contributor on the Scottsdale Moms Blog and a writer for North Valley/ 85085/ 85086 Magazines. I’ve also contributed articles to SheKnows.com, one of which was picked up by Yahoo!.

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